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Certified Financial Markets Professional


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The Certified Financial Markets Professional (CFMP) Program offers students the fundamental knowledge in trading various types of securities used by Individual and Institutional participants in the Capital Market. In this course, a step-by-step approach is done on how to trade Currencies, Stocks, bonds, manage risk, Portfolio Management using Bloomberg and Eikon terminals being used by industry practitioners. A conceptual discussion of the subjects precedes the trading simulation. In the discussion; students are taught the basics of the underlying subject by Practitioners/Coaches employed by investment firms, financial institutions, treasury departments, government agencies, back office, front office of multinational corporations; after which is a simulation, students emulate trading securities just as how it is done in the market practice.

The Certified Financial Markets Professional (CFMP) certification program uses Bloomberg and Eikon Thomson Reuters terminals. At the end of the program, the participants are expected to have the entry level skills in equities, forex, fixed income, bonds, and portfolio management including fundamental analysis with securities valuation, news analytics, in-depth macroeconomic analysis, industry and sector analysis and company analysis.

With the use of the Bloomberg Professional and Eikon platforms, participants will become more effective and efficient in performing equity, forex, fixed income and bonds analysis covering wider global markets and sectors and gathering more relevant and pertinent data for the analysis performed. Research and analytical skills are both honed in the program equipping the participants a set of competitive advantage as a financial markets professional.

Bloomberg Professional Service Training Program and Eikon Thomson Reuters is a skills-based approach in learning the various functions of the Terminals through navigation of the software. This program gives participants the knowledge and access to real-time market data which traders, investors, and analysts use to make sound decision. In this course, participants are taught of the unique features of the software for research purposes, analysis of historical data, and estimated figures for financial forecasting.

Fundamental and Technical Analysis are outlined to keep the participants equipped in studying different types of Securities and Companies. The significance of analyzing reports, plotting trend lines, indicators and other charting tools are discussed as well.

Navigation of the Terminals outside the school can be costly and this Training provides participants the opportunity to access important collated market information such as currency rates, commodity prices, inflation, interest rates and other economic figures that are not readily available via ordinary search engine in the internet and other online databases.

East West International Educational Specialist Introductory Video
Bloomberg Education Overview
Bloomberg Function Review Sheet
Bloomberg Navigation: Video Lecture
Bloomberg Navigation: Review Questions
Bloomberg Navigation: Pre-assessment Exam
Equities: Video Lecture
Equities Cheat Sheet
Equities: Review Questions
Equities: Review Questions
Equities: Pre-assessment Exam
Forex: Video Lecture
Forex Cheat Sheet
Forex Cheat Sheet
Forex: Review Questions
Forex: Pre-assessment Exam
Fixed Income: Video Lecture
Fixed Income Cheat Sheet
Fixed Income Reviewer
Fixed Income: Review Questions
Fixed Income: Review Questions
Fixed Income: Pre-assessment Exam
Portfolio Management: Video Lecture
Portfolio Management Cheat Sheet
Portfolio Management: Review Questions
Portfolio Management: Pre-assessment Exam
Final Online Exam


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